Physical Changes

Change in Sleep

  • Can be a combination of sleeping more and less
  • Teenagers can describe that they are not sleeping very well and will not feel well rested even if sleeping the same or more
  • Early morning awakening and being unable to fall back asleep is common
  • This early morning time is often a time that people will have negative thoughts in their mind that keep them awake

Change in Appetite

  • Can go both ways but represents a change in normal appetite for the person
  • Some can lose appetite in food, eat less and lose weight
  • Others will find comfort in food and eat unhealthy sweet and fatty foods in a binge pattern

Change in Energy

  • People with Major Depression can feel exhausted
  • Any new activities require more effort
  • There can be a narrowing of activities as a result

Change in Concentration

  • Can show up as a drop in grades or reduced school performance
  • Can also show as an increase in time required to perform tasks
  • Tasks such as reading a book or holding a conversation can become more difficult

Feeling Restless or Slowed Down

  • Presents as feeling slowed down most of the time with moments of feeling revved up, restless, and anxious
  • Very uncomfortable feeling that often leads to a desire to engage in behaviors to change the way restlessness feels, even if just for a short time

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