Depression awareness education that works

The Adolescent Depression Awareness Program (ADAP) is on a mission to educate school-based professionals, high school students, and parents about the illness of depression.

1 in 20 adolescents suffer from major depression. We’re on a mission to change that. Here’s how:

Personalized Learning

Teachers complete the instructor training program at their own pace. The program includes 5 modules: program overview, parent’s perspective, medical overview, personal stories about depression, and curriculum overview.

Trusted Content

Created by psychiatry and mood disorders expert, Dr. Karen L. Swartz, ADAP’s library of educational and impactful instructor training covers topics such as diagnosis and treatment of depression and bipolar disorder.

Multiple teaching modalities

The student curriculum is offered in 2-day and 3-day formats and includes illustrated complete curriculum materials with PowerPoint slides, interactive lectures, discussion topics, and group activities paired with homework and video assignments for students.


ADAP boosts student learning in depression awareness

A large study of the curriculum showed that students significantly improved knowledge following the curriculum and the improvement was sustained at 4 months.

“Mental health is a topic for which all educators need training. The idea of teaching students about mental health rather than suicide is very appealing. Dr. Swartz’s expertise was very helpful. It was a wonderful experience and I would have loved to have listened to her longer. There was also great discussion. I am looking forward to sharing this with our district health team. Our district had all three crisis counselors and one veteran health teacher at this presentation.”

Crisis Counselor

“I implemented the ADAP curriculum into the course I taught this past September. During that time, I had two students self-identify and had two others approach me about others they were worried about. I just think it’s a fabulous program, and their curriculum is very user and student friendly.”

School Counselor
Washington, DC
“The ADAP program is an important piece of our mental health education efforts! We found the ADAP curriculum to be incredibly user-friendly for instructors and well-received by the students. The curriculum is varied, including lecture-style presentations, engaging activities, and videos for the students, which holds their attention and allows them to learn through different modes of instruction. We would highly recommend this program!”

Teachers and Parents

Together we can make a difference

The ADAP program educates high school students, teachers, and parents about adolescent depression and bipolar disorder. Major depression is a common medical illness experienced by 1 in 20 teenagers. Suicide, the most serious risk of depression, is the second leading cause of death in 15-24 year olds and college students. Therefore, it is critical that everyone be educated about the symptoms.

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